The Fundamental to Traveling

Traveling The world On A Budget

   5 Money-Saving Travel Hacks You Should Know With so many budget airlines out there, jet setting is no longer a luxury you can’t afford. Whatever your dream destination is, these tips would help you hack travel to save hundreds of dollars on that next trip!   · Do your research Follow your favorite airlines … Continue reading “Traveling The world On A Budget”


MR LA Lune has one of the best burger shop right outside Pontoon Night Club freshly made real ground beef, He has been making those great burgers for the past 10yrs or so if you ever in Cambodia grab you one of them they only cost 2 dollars I bought about 4 of them that night … Continue reading “JUICY BURGER STAND”

Traveling to South of Asia

Backpacking travel by definition means you carry your belongings with you in a large backpack. This is a more independent and grassroots means of jet life wherein the majority of your travel required staying in dorm style hotels. Backpacking is great for anywhere in the world but is most commonly associated with the South of … Continue reading “Traveling to South of Asia”