Patpong Thailand Night Out

Strolling the street of patpong IMG_0748

Had a pretty good night walking the streets of Patpong. Got my dinner which was some noodles mix with pork and beef and a coconut water to go with it, it was much needed with all the thai hot sauce I poured on it OMG!!

After dinner I decided to do a little more walking around I picked up two set of  bracelet from one of the vendors she was really playing hard ball with me on the price it start from 550bahts I was like Na she said give me A price I said 125 she told me to take my ass somewhere else I was like dam those bracelets do look really nice I left and came back after checking out a few other vendors to see if they had the same thing seem like she was the only one that had those type, so i Came back for round 2 of bargaining we finally got the price down to 420 I was like 400 I need 20bahts to buy me some water she was like me to now I have to close early and only drink water also that’s why I need that extra 20 lol ok cool BTW she said I’m here everyday same time. 

I got me a fresh sliced up blended mango smoothie super cheap last stop was the pharmacy just to pick some stuff to have just in case,  My total expenses for everything including transportation was about 850bahts that’s about 25us dollars Money well spent. Patpong is cool to check out it’s more of a GOGO bar spot with a few over priced night market stands There’s other places that’s better then Patpong just keep that in mind its worth going just to check things out.

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