Coming back home after being away for a long time is not easy just three months of being away from home I felt lost and out of place in my own hometown. The weather is different, the food too, the people; everything seems over price all the little things that you were used to are just not the same anymore.

The first few weeks of being back I just felt bored, anxious, and depress it was like a big part of my life was left somewhere else, you feel as if you came back to exactly the spot you left. Your friends don’t understand the new you, don’t want to hear the time when you was in a train full with locals that didn’t speak a word of English spending 4hrs on the train to get into another country then realizing when you get there that you are unable to get into the other country cause you forgot something that is so important back in the other country smh crazy.

Traveling around the world is an incredible experience. You get the opportunity to leave your cocoon and experience the vast world beyond. It gives one the chance to escape the monotonies of daily living, work and all the things that can be considered part of our routines, be it only for a short while. Having the opportunity to travel the world is something I could not trade for anything. I got to interact with many different people and was able to appreciate how diverse we all are. I was able to be part of cultures that were so new and different from mine. Traveling from country to country enables me to appreciate how incredible and beautiful nature really is. I got to see incredible works of architecture as well as forms of nature that I had never seen before. Every day became an adventure.

Returning home was something that i was not really looking forward to. It was quite overwhelming to leave my new found joy of simple living and return to the routine that was my life. I had to go back to work and I had to return to my limited circle of friends. I had to forego the spontaneity that had become part of my life. This made me rather blue and I came to the realize that I may have been experiencing post trip depression. I realized what withdrawal symptoms actually meant. I miss being out there, I wanted to feel the mighty waterfalls while standing on the sidelines. I was used to living on the edge. I had no idea what to do with the confinement and security that home offered.


To put it plainly, I wasn’t happy that’s so I knew what I had to do. A decision that’ll change the course of my life for ever. I decided to follow my heart and live for my dream of being a full time traveler, A nomad who wants just enough for living and more traveling. So now, I am selling all the shackles that bind me. I’m selling all my stuff to be able to go see the world. If you’re wondering it’s tough, let me tell you it’s not. Here’s how I’m doing it:

-Before selling off your stuff, the most important step is to detach from them. Start by using such items less often until you don’t need or use them anymore You must realize that every dollar earned while selling your stuff takes you one step closer to your next adventure.

– Be strong. Things can be bought again, but memories are priceless.

– Don’t just throw away your stuff for less than they are worth. Do thorough research and get the best price for your items. I sold a lot of my stuff on sites like offerup and craigslist For you’ll need money for traveling and a good sum will take you far.



– At the end of the day, just know that these are just things. You have to detach yourself. After all, you aren’t taking them to your grave as well are you?


Here I wish you good luck with that. As for me, I have accrued quite a sum and I am all set to start a new journey. Where and When? I’ll keep you posted.


  1. i totally agree with you on the fact that ‘GOOD MEMORIES ARE TRULY PRICELESS”. they cannot be bought for any price. nice post and experience

  2. yes. when i traveled to china for just 6 months, i also felt lost and out of place when i returned. it toke me several weeks to adjust. almost the same experience. nice post

  3. everything about your experience is true. i had a similar experience when i visited Australia some months ago. i had to readjust by force when i came back.

  4. having the opportunity to travel round the world is something i cannot trade for anything is also a valid statement for me. in fact, i an addict when it comes to seeing beautiful places around the world. nice experience

  5. i made over 25 new friends during my visit to the Netherlands. traveling around the world is really a good thing for all to embrace. lovely experience

  6. i was not looking forward to returning home too. i had no choice than to come back tho. will always travel and encourage others to do so. nice experience

  7. my visit to china is more than a blessing to me. i have always wanted to learn a bit of Chinese language. this mission was accomplished to a great extent when i visited. traveling is the best way to learn. nice experience and post

  8. yes. i have sold my stuffs to gather enough cash to fulfill my desire which is seeing the world. it is worth it.

  9. instead of selling all my stuffs, i save and sell some. a better option that has been working for me. awesome experience

  10. Craigslist worked for me too. lovely experience. great travel blog. see you at the top. inspiring post. do not stop the good work. thanks.

  11. Follow your dream. Paying for travels has always been challenging for me.A spiritual/life lesson how to to take a coin from the mouth of a fish.

    1. Thank appreciate the love. You just have to start building for it if that’s what you really want just set a goal to save up for more travels

  12. Returning back to our regular life and daily routines are always tough!
    Our family camping trips last 2 to 3 weeks and we dislike the feeling of returning back to the city we call home.
    This time- our plans are in process to fully become- A DIGITAL NOMAD FAMILY- and travel, and live in the woods. 1st live in Yosemite for 2 months- then our nations national park- take Disney cruise and then leave country for Bahamas and explore Asia and rest of our beautiful world…..

    1. It’s a great step for y’all in becoming a full time Digital Nomad not the easiest career path but with alot of hard work and dedication anyone can make it happen

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