My Travel Products

Thanks For Checking Out My Travel Products| From Time To Time I Will Be Updating This Page On Things I Use And Recommend While Traveling. Remember If You Do Happen To Purchase A Product That I Have Recommended It Will Not Cost You More Or Unless, Some Products I May Get A Small Percentage From The Purchase Price For Being A Affiliate; Others I May Not Receive Anything Just Recommending The Product Cause I like It. I’m A World Traveler That Travels The World On A Budget I Will Always Look For Things Thats At The Best Price With Great Value.


When Traveling Around The World Playing it  Safe  Should Always Be Our Number One Propriety  ( CONDOMS )  Yes As A Traveler We All Have Those Moment Of Flings. Some Places Around The World You Wont Find Your Favorites, Nothing Beats The Cost On Loading up On A Few Packs Of Your Favorites.  Ultra Thin And Bareskin  Has Always Been My Two Favorite  Lol Don’t  Judge Me 
Here’s  A Fun Fact For Y’all Be Stuck At A Airport On  A long Layover In A Country That Requires You To Get A Visa Ahead Of Time. You Look Around Everyone Is Enjoying There Self On There Electronics Gadget, You tell Yourself Ah Let Me Do The SameThing  Come To Find Out All Your Electronics Gadgets Are Running On A Low Batter. First Thing That Comes To Mind Let Me Find A close Outlet To Charge up  (WAIT!! OH NO 😱  THEY DON’T SUPPORT MY PLUG 😭) BUMMER!!!!  Best 15 Dollar Investment I Made In My Life 
I’m No Professional When It Comes To Picture Taking. Having A Great Camera That Takes High Quality Pictures,  For A Great Price To Capture Those Amazing Memories Is Sure Worth The Investment Plus You Get A Super Saver Bundle.  One Thing I Do Love Is Things On Sale And Coupons. The Price For This Camera Is Like Having Best Of Both.
Another one of my favorite travel products. This small travel iron has save me from going out looking like a hot mess with a wrinkle shirt. Some places we rent just doesn’t always come with a iron, we all wouldn’t want to go out with a bad wrinkle shirt or dress for a wonderful night out. WOULD YOU!