MR LA Lune has one of the best burger shop right outside Pontoon Night Club freshly made real ground beef, He has been making those great burgers for the past 10yrs or so if you ever in Cambodia grab you one of them they only cost 2 dollars I bought about 4 of them that night to enjoy with some of the local kids that was hang around, One of them was with his mother  I really like enjoying a meal with the locals sometime thats how you get to know that place and the people around it, Plus the food is so cheap and you get such a big portion for what you pay for you can almost always pick up the tab for everyone.

There’s a lot of poverty in Cambodia I think that’s what make it such a great place that touches your heart in a way that most people wouldn’t understand. It became my second favorite place to visit while traveling around Asia, You can feel what the people been through and how they trying to fight there way out of it. Cambodia is a place that everyone must give a visit one time in there life this place will grow on you some type of way you wouldn’t understand and make sure you give it some time to take everything in.  

5 thoughts on “JUICY BURGER STAND”

  1. I have been to Cambodia once, about 7 years ago. I can’t explain it but it is like the people there, they were happier than most people I knew on a daily basis in America and they had so little. I feel like the poverty level has kept them in touch with human compassion, giving, and love. So many are so grateful just to share a meal or to get a picture taken with you. I loved it and I was only there 2 weeks. I plan on going back some day and hopefully staying for a few months. Enjoyed the read man!

  2. Nothing beats some good local food, specially when it is cheap and you probably shouldn’t be eating it! haha I love a good burger. If I ever go to this area, I will be sure to stop here and try one. It is amazing that you can get some much food for so cheap! I would have been sharing it all around as well. There is something special when you share a meal with strangers, just warms the soul πŸ™‚

    1. The burger was just amazing I love eating the locals food it’s always fresh taste wonderful and the number one thing it’s cheap enjoy as much as local food as you can just always remember to eat where a lot more people is eating

  3. I have a close friend who is so scared to try food in other countries. We plan on doing quite a bit of traveling in the future and I told him he has to get over his fear. Have you ever had any problems with trying new foods? What can I tell him that would help him overcome the fear? I know he would be missing out on so much goodness out there! I am a HUGE foody. I love food and I love to eat it πŸ™‚

  4. For those prices I would have likely overdone myself! My husband laughs at me. Anytime we go on a trip or a vacation anywhere, I always look for the cheap meals and eat twice the amount. My excuse? I am on vacation! I find that the cheaper food is often a lot better than going to fancy restaurants. This plays sounds delicious!

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