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Every country has its story to tell and history becomes more interesting when it goes through the tests of time. 90 percent of the people living in Cambodia are the Khmer people. The rest 10 percent are the people from Vietnam, China and other minor tribes. Majority of them live in the villages and small towns in the rural ares. A smaller percentage live in the capital city. The food in Cambodia is majorly accompanied with rice or has the rice component.

Cambodia is absolutely worthy of an observation with a magnifying glass because the deeper you go, the more you know. History – Primarily Cambodia was the country of farmers and according to a folk legend, it was born from a queen and an outsider. It has been a home for the most influential kings like Sihanouk and seen the rise and the downfall of the greatest empires like Angkor. 

It has also gone through the influence of Frenchs, civil wars, clashes with Vietnam and most importantly, the dark era of Khmer Rouge and yet it has managed to sow the seeds of peace. There are very few countries with such a mesmerizing density of historical events. The reason behind the poverty – The poverty of Cambodia has deep roots which will take you back to the regime of Khmer in which millions of people were killed but there is more to it. The internal clashes and long years of war have substantially damaged the economy of the country despite being so rich in terms of natural wealth of resources.

Cost of living – It is very easy to rent a single bedroom apartment for a month under two hundred dollars. The price might increase if you are in a specific area. Three bedrooms will be around a thousand dollars per month. A Taxi or a local transport fare won’t be more than 2 dollars. Average restaurant dishes come under 3 dollars, a meal will be around 15 dollars and your normal market purchases will be 15 to 20 dollars a day.

 Miscellaneous utilities like electricity, water, and the internet will sum up to 100 dollars per month. You can watch a movie in a theater under 5 dollars. Good quality shoes will cost you 50 dollars and a nice pair of jeans can come up to 20 dollars. You can even join a fitness club under 50 dollars.Why visit – All in all, this is no “enjoy and forget” destination. If you want to have a lifetime experience that will leave so many questions and memories in your mind, you should definitely visit this place at least once. It is very likely that you will develop a strong emotional bond with this place after being here. Cambodia and get a variety of experience.

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  1. I had always thought that Cambodia was more expensive to visit but the way you did it is likely the best way. Minimal and just taking everything in every day, every moment. It sounds like a beautiful place to visit just for a spiritual awakening. It just sounds historically beautiful. I am adding this to my destinations list. I go somewhere once a year and I am going to have to see this place for myself.

    1. Cambodia is a great place to visit and its really affordable probably the cheapest part of South East Asia theres so much to that place it became one of my favorite place in Asia. The people are amazing with just the little they have this place touches your heart in some type of way other wouldn’t understand unless they visit for there self. Make sure you give Cambodia about two weeks worth

      1. I actually heard that as well. Someone had told me the way the people live is freeing to the soul and unless you go see it in person, you will never know what it truly means. I think this is going on my bucket list for sure. The energy, the vibe, the gentle and peaceful atmosphere sounds very contagious!

  2. I always found it funny that the most richest countries and areas of the world spiritually were often the most poor physically. When I was a young boy, my grandfather took me to a very run down neighborhood east from where we lived. He told me to look around and tell me what I saw. I can’t explain it him doing that for me has kept me humble and grateful my entire life.

  3. left Cambodia some moths ago. cant wait to go back and settle down again. i love your experience and am sure you made lots of good friends. fabulous blog. thanks for sharing

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