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Had a really great week in Kingston Jamaica the last time I was in Jamaica was for New years of 2015 in Negril which was really amazing. For my second time around Jamaica I decide that i wanted to see the real side of Jamaica One of the best thing traveling around Jamaica being a black guy with dreads it makes me blend in with the locals more faster LOL.

The locals never knew where I was from until I open my mouth and speak. Even though, I tried to hide the American Accent I just could’t get away with it. The locals are really cool and helpful whether it is asking a question or purchasing an item they are quick to help and offer guidance always remember to say thank you or thanks Mon or my favorite bless and gave them a dap they will love that .

It is common sense to travel like a local and live like a local the first thing to know is a local taxi route is an average of 100 JMD which is about 1USD. The Bob Marley Museum it is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The standard cost of touring the Museum is $25 USD for adults and $12 USD for children 4 to 12 years old. It cost $100 JMD from to travel from Half –Way –Tree to the Bob Marley Museum. Another local attraction is Devon House. It is known for its restaurants and shop, but it is well- known for being a place to relax, take pictures and eat ice cream. It cost $100 JMD from to travel from Half –Way –Tree to Devon House. However, many locals tend to walk to Devon House because it is just ten minutes from Half-Way- Tree square. 

Hope Garden&Zoo is well- known for its tranquillity and retreat. The Garden is great for having picnics, exercising, sleep and relax. After this, you can visit The Tea House to dine. they offer a wide-range of dishes such as seafood dishes, salads, different types of pasta, tasty dumplings topped with curried, roast chicken or seasoned rice, chickpeas, curry potatoes or pumpkin, for non-meat eaters. Price ranges from $150- to $3500 JMD.After dining at The Tea House you can visit Hope Zoo to see the exotic animals. The cost for adults is $1500 JMD and $1000 for children.

If you do have enough time don’t just stick around kingston take one of the local buses and travel outside the city to the countryside called portland for some really good tasting pork, I don’t even really eat pork any more but i heard it was a must try at Boston Beach I did just that it was amazing with so much mouth watering flavor. 


The local bus cost about 450 JMD from kingston to Portland taking up about 2hrs and 30 minutes its a really great way to see the beautiful nature of the countryside and get a good feel of living like a local and feel the love of the people. It can get real cramped up but thats ok did you travel here just to ride a 5 star service i didn’t 


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  1. I have a buddy who went to Jamaica last weekend, ironically enough. He will be back on Friday. I am hoping he checked out some of the places you mentioned here. I always wanted to visit the Bob Marley Museum. I am a huge fan of his music and his care free spirit. He has such a poetic soul, that man. Anyways, what is your favorite part of Jamaica over all?

  2. Jamaica is one of the most relaxed places in the world. The culture, the people, the food… it is all amazing. I had been there a few times and I regret not going more and not going sooner in life. I had the chance to go when I was 17 and turned it down. I can’t remember why but then when I went for the first time when I was 25, I regretted not going back then. The food there is out of this world, nothing beats a good Jamaican styled meal.

    1. Yeah mon!! Jamaica has a lot to offer great paradise island tasty food colorful art great music and deep soul music they people are amazing Negril is a really nice spot to give a visit

      1. Negril you say? This is very ironic. My sister had just gotten married and that is where they planned their honeymoon! She was telling me that they wanted to go to a place that was down to earth and very open to visitors. Not a place that despised them coming in. LOL I was laughing, only she would worry about that. Anyways, they went in early January and the pictures are AMAZING! I want to go now!

  3. This is one place I haven’t been but always wanted to go. I will likely go on a cruise. I remember when I was in my teens I had a friend who went and she loved it. She said she never wanted to leave. The art alone has always fascinated me. She brought me back a marbled elephant and a wooden hand carved pipe with a dolphin on it. I had wish I would have went with her!

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