One of the beautiful waterfall in Chiang Mai i had a great time there the view was just amazing.  I had a bit of a journey in this waterfall forest I met this old man and his wife I think he was from Landon and his wife is Thai they gave me some free trekking around the forest usually you have to pay for trekking lesson unless you want to go your self and get lost. His wife was like a champ like she was made for this the way she was climbing up those rocks was really cool.

I ended up busting my ass twice and got cut on the fingers, but guess what I wasn’t about to let that stop me from making it to the top. It was one of the best feelings, and plus i made it out alive LOL to live and fight another day. If you keep hiking up the path there you will find A amazing river to take a nice refreshing swim


You can have a really great time traveling with a small budget let me try break down a estaminet of my cost for that day, I rented a motorbike to cruise the city which cost me about 150bahts for the whole day about 2-3 us dollars the waterfall forest was free entry got me a big water bottle at the entrance trust me you will need one if you plan on going trekking water was about 15baths on my way back I stop for some lunch that was about 40bahts my grind total for the day was under 5 dollars that’s what I call money well spent

5 thoughts on “THINGS TO DO IN CHIANG MAI”

  1. This looks amazing! The first picture is great as well. I have always been fascinated with longer running water falls more than the straight drop ones. There is something peaceful about this one. I say it was well worth the climb and the effort. Do you have any more pictures from this adventure?

    1. Oh yeah it was really nice located in Chiang Mai it was about a 30min motor bike ride to get there I highly recommend renting a scooter every now and then

  2. Water seems like one of the last things on your mind when being surrounded by it! The pictures look great man. I feel like when you go to these places you not only connect with the locals and the culture but you allow yourself to connect with nature. Very few travelers do that these days and they are really missing out!

  3. I would likely be doing the same as you! Meditating on that rock. That waterfall is beautiful!! I am really enjoying your blog. I just want to let you know that. So many traveler blogs are all about resorts and spending. You are all about friends, love, and culture and it is truly refreshing to see someone that just accepts life. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for taking some time to enjoy reading my blog i try my best to keep it updated with a lot of details and great tips about traveling. This waterfall place is amazing its really beautiful with a lot of nature theres a nice cool refreshing river where you can take a nice swim after touring around the place. Its in Chiang Mai you can just rent a motor bike to get there the entrance was free don’t know if its like that everyday but it was when i went.

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