Traveling The world On A Budget


5 Money-Saving Travel Hacks You Should Know

With so many budget airlines out there, jet setting is no longer a luxury you can’t afford. Whatever your dream destination is, these tips would help you hack travel to save hundreds of dollars on that next trip!

· Do your research

Follow your favorite airlines on social media, sign up for fare alerts, deals’ newsletters and flight trackers. If you have the travel bug and are financially smart, signing up for a credit card with great travel rewards could be a good way to save. Know when the peak seasons for flights to your destination are, and if it’s a holiday you would need to plan months in advance to save. Don’t wait until the last-minute to book a flight.


· Bagging it

You should always take only what you can carry. Most budget airlines charge extra for checked bags, so skip the unnecessary stuff and avoid large, bulky suitcases. The heavier or more your baggage, the harder it is to easily adjust travel plans to save or even use public transportation.


· Choose the cheapest flight/route

Any dollar you can save on your flight is a win, since you would have more money to spend at your destination. The best days for flight purchase are weekdays, usually Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon searches would find you the lowest fares.


· Live like a local

One of the greatest travel hacks is to do whatever locals are doing. Eat where they eat, shop where and how they shop and skip all the fancy places designed to overcharge tourists.


· Accommodation Savers

There are so many platforms out there that help you meet people around the world online, before you can properly pronounce the name of their hometown. Through apps like Couchsurfing, you can get a free couch or bed in the home of a new ‘friend’ and save on accommodation but if that doesn’t suit you, Airbnb almost always has cheaper-than-hotel options. So skip the 4-star hotel package and meet some locals while saving lots of cash.


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  1. i totally agree with you because what many people think is that if you are not as rich as bill gate, you cannot afford to travel to various places of the world. any body can travel and enjoy life with a low budget that is adequately planned.

  2. traveling is great fun. if you hate to travel with passion, now is the time for you to change your perception about travel. this blog spot has done enough justice to convince people to travel and enjoy life while it last

  3. yes. in my 4 years course of traveling, i have a better understanding about some cultures. this would not be possible if i do not travel or if i think to travel requires millions. nice post

    1. Learning about different culture is always great with the right planning you can travel around cheaply to alot of amazing places

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  5. i love that part when you said traveling with friends is more affordable. its simply true because i have tried it times without number. in fact, i travel with friends a lot

    1. Yep it sure does make traveling a lot cheaper. If they not ready to work just know you dont have to wait on anyone it can always be done alone

  6. google is my best friend when it come to asking questions when ever i travel. nice tip fro you. nice job

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    1. Just narrow it down to what interest you the most about each country and what you would like to experience first and which one is more budget friendly, so that way you can save more money to use towards your next destination

    1. I love Airbnb even tho some of the places could be a hit or miss at times but you do always get the best bang for your bucks. Travel Happy and live life thanks for reading my blog

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