Enjoying the Cambodian Lifestyle Every country has its story to tell and history becomes more interesting when it goes through the tests of time. 90 percent of the people living in Cambodia are the Khmer people. The rest 10 percent are the people from Vietnam, China and other minor tribes. Majority of them live in the … Continue reading “Life IN CAMBODIA”


MR LA Lune has one of the best burger shop right outside Pontoon Night Club freshly made real ground beef, He has been making those great burgers for the past 10yrs or so if you ever in Cambodia grab you one of them they only cost 2 dollars I bought about 4 of them that night … Continue reading “JUICY BURGER STAND”

Kingston Jamaica

Kingston Jamaica

Had a really great week in Kingston Jamaica the last time I was in Jamaica was for New years of 2015 in Negril which was really amazing. For my second time around Jamaica I decide that i wanted to see the real side of Jamaica One of the best thing traveling around Jamaica being a black … Continue reading “Kingston Jamaica”

Traveling to an Ancient City Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a place of wonderland. Which have so many resources to admire of? A bunch of historical places, lots of parks, rivers and mountain all over it. It has almost every kind of natural elemental to call it the most beautiful and historical palace. When you are traveling to this place there is … Continue reading “Traveling to an Ancient City Chiang Mai”

Top Palaces to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is a place of fantasy. It has so many charming places that we can’t just judge the top place that easily. But still I am going to tell you about some rear places what will be your perfect for your vacation. If you planning your holiday recently. Thailand Island If you wanted to spend … Continue reading “Top Palaces to Visit in Thailand”