Making Friends While Traveling

Meeting new friends while backpaking and enjoying life in bali

Jimbaran Seafood Cafe

My backpacking travel experience in Bali

Three months of traveling around has taught me a lot the world is not what we think it is and is more than what we think it is, life without traveling is like living in a cocoon with no lights around you. Making new friends should be a every human nature. This is what I learned when I sent myself on peace mission lasting three month from which I had been separated from my entire life back home.

My experience was totally different from what I expected when I decided to leave Florida for a few months. I learnt a lot of lessons that changed my life, made a lot of long term friends that I still keep in touch with, Meet those three guy’s while I was at Jimbaran Seafood Cafe A bit on the pricey side for the everyday life in bali 20 dollars for a Big fish meal with rice,salad, desert,fruits,drinks. After dinner I walk down to the pier for some exercise after having a great tasty big fish dinner if you are a fish lover like me you would love this place, it has a really nice step up right next to the ocean all of the food is fresh caught.

I meet those three brothers fishing at the pier I had a bottle of rum left I decided to take a few shots with the bros while they was telling me there stories on how they would come and seat here for almost the whole day catching fishes so they can go sale to the local markets, anywhere between 50-150 fishes I  had one of the best time connecting with those brothers they taught me how to be a better fisher lol we keep in touch though Instagram they always asking me when I’m coming back to bali again to go fishing.

I developed a completely different perspective on life one of the lessons I will never forget is the importance of making a real connection with people. Every day we are surrounded by technology and most of our time is spent either working in front of a computer or on social media. We rarely have time to connect with people. The guy in the picture up top is my long lost twin brother from Bail, LOL it was great finding out that I had a twin brother out there that I never knew of, we wasted no time after we meet I told him we must catch up on lost time’s bro first thing I need to learn is some Bahasa so i can pick up some of them fine balinese ladies. People can learn various things traveling making new friends is a crucial thing, When you travel, you gain more exposure to the world. Traveling made me value small things, it broadened my perspective about things, I got confidence from the outside world, I got also to be creative from what I saw people do and greatest of all, I am now more knowledgeable.

34 thoughts on “Making Friends While Traveling”

  1. I had been considering doing some kind of backpacking and I keep putting it off. I feel like we, as humans, have lost so many connections with both other humans and nature in general. I enjoyed reading this because I felt like it was a wake up call for me to get out and do something. I spend so much of my time working and sitting at home, I know I am missing out on life.

  2. Sounds like you had a blast. I didn’t realize you had an Instagram account, I am going to follow ya! That is about all who I follow on there, people who travel a lot and show me their way of seeing the world. It is a beautiful thing. And YES!! Nothing beats fresh caught sea food. I remember having my first taste of it in Hawaii. I never looked at sea food the same again.

    1. Yes I had amazing time would do it all over again anytime any day. I share parts of my Adventure on Instagram. Traveling is amazing and definitely affordable if you’re doing it your way, I think Bali is one of the best place to eat fish

  3. Bali sounds amazing! I think people need to focus more on human nature and people when traveling than places. Sure it is nice to stay in a 5 star hotel for a week but what does that teach you or give you in return? Most of the time you come home and end up depressed! When you travel out of your element, that is where the rewards are!

    1. @kelly p- Bali is great i think its one of the best beautiful paradise island in Asia with a lot of amazing people I highly recommended give this place a visit for a few days or even 1 month. 5 star hotels are over rated for me i think its a waste of money and its only for show you haven’t get the real feel of traveling if you don’t live among the people, I get ask everyday by friends how was I able to do it travel around solo in other countries without knowing nothing about it, My reply is if i can do it so can you never doubt yourself or understatement what you can do.

  4. I was in Bali a few years back but I did it the traditional way. I feel like I missed out on so much because of the fancy tourism attached to the vacation. I will have to go back and just wing it! I want to really just absorb the culture and the people completely, not just be a random face passing through.

    1. Tourism travel lack the excitement when traveling become a traveling is different from being a tourist being a traveling means eat, sleep, commute like a local live it like its part of your home learn a few different words of the language and just wonder around just always remember to use your commonsense

  5. my sister told me about her lovely experience in Bali. this blog is a living testimony. nice experience. lovely blog. i will consider Bali too

  6. if you do not know how to value people or stuffs around you, then give traveling a chance. nice post and experience. thanks man.

  7. i have never failed to make real connection with people when i visit new places. it should never be forgotten. nice experience you got there. keep going high

  8. Bali is 1 of the cheapest countries to visit. you will definitely enjoy it. awesome experience just like mine. i got 5 friends in Bali

  9. now, i will keep saying this “this blog is going places”. great chunks of lessons, tips and experiences to learn”. keep soaring high

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