¡Hola from COLOMBIA!

Hello Everyone After spend some time living around Asia I deiced to Head back to Colombia for a second visit. I first came here back in April when I had sold everything to travel the world and live abroad  

 Why I made my way back to Colombia! Well for starters  I enjoy the culture, music, and most of all,
the diverse people, it was hard to pass on seeing what Colombia had to offer I just one month. So I can to come back for some more and I also wanted to get my Spanish better. Plus I had really miss me some hot latin woman, i was getting tired of the Asian lady’s LOL no offense I still have love for yall 

Since being back in Colombia I had to make a trip back to one of my favorite cities. Cartagena which is often known to as the crown jewel of the gorgeous Caribbean coastline here. It is
a well-preserved city that was founded in the 16th century. Filled
with colorful colonial buildings, the wall port city was also the main
point of entry throughout the country’s history. It was through
Cartagena that most African slaves were brought into the island on
ships. In the 1600s, some slaves ran off to a place about an hour’s
drive outside of Cartagena and settled in San Basilio de Palenque, a
town they fought for and made their own. Today, the residents of this 
village are still very much in touch with their ancestry and it is
evident in the cultural dances you’d see on the street, the language
they speak which has a bit of Spanish, Portuguese and influences from native West African languages with roots in mostly the Congo,
Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, and Senegal.   

Most of Cartagena is now a city that caters to many tourists, so Don’t get me wrong there still plenty of culture to see and there’s plenty to explore around the town and a decent variety of
restaurants to eat at. But if you visit Cartagena, you’d be amiss not
to head to Basilio de Palenque, a town which is historically the First
Free Town in the entire Americas. In other words, it is the first
place where black people lived free of slavery and that on its own
makes it worth the stop. About 10 years ago, in 2005 to be exact,
UNESCO named this village a Masterpiece of Oral & Intangible Heritage 
of Humanity.

For accommodation, if you want to be right in the middle of everything then I would search around the area of Old Town San Diego.  It’s easy to find a lot of hostels and guest houses there. Although I’m a fan of backpacking, I usually prefer to find home stays on Airbnb, as it allows me to get away from the tourist crowd and meet some locals. If you come here looking for nightlife, there’s no shortage of that. Most travelers head down to Clock Tower Gate so you can mingle with other tourists there in the plentiful bars, as well meet some hot Colombian ladies. You should be warned though, it’s also a hotspot for those looking for pay-for-play action. LOL. But there’s a good mix of the regular locals that just want to party. Regardless everyone is pretty cool, so you don’t have to worry or feel out of place whatever your style is.  


Even though Cartagena is one of my favorite cities. When it comes to picking a city to live in I do prefer to stay in  Medellin love waking up to the beautiful mountain views and the colorful high rise buildings. 

 One of the con’s about living in Medellin is It’s certainly becoming A number spot for  tourist hub with may expats which can be good and bad OH NO! LOL. Very much its the part of Medellin that
caters to the upper class and most of its bars and restaurants are
full of a mix of locals and tourists. Parque Lleras, also in that area
is popular with backpackers if you’re looking for that crowd. But don’t get me wrong it is a nice place to live with the most beautiful views of the city and mountains.   

Envigado  would be the second area, and this part is more of a suburb
area, although it is not so far away from El Poblado. Here, you
certainly get a bit more of the Colombian culture. I mean, it is the
place that birthed Medellin’s most dangerous man in history, the
infamous Pablo Escobar. With more locals than tourists, prices are a
bit lower on this side. There are also a lot more local restaurants to
choose from and the main spot for nightlife was Parque Envigado, a
pretty chill place to just kick it with some of the locals.

Now, if you’re looking for most Authentic Colombian experience, I
would head over to Laureles. In this area, prices are a lot lower and
the food options and nightlife are plentiful. Just head down the main
road, past the futbol stadium and large skate boarding park. Salsa
lovers will love this area; it’s been one of my favorite areas to live  

Since I arriving back in  Colombia I haven’t done much traveling around the country yet. When I was here in April Cali was one of my last stop. One of Colombia’s most cheerful cities for its sports and salsa capital. I don’t have much to say about Cali, because although I spent 3 days there, I didn’t get to explore it much. Why, you ask? Well, it wasn’t the easiest place to get to know on your own and the few places you’d like to sightsee or just tour could get a bit sketchy at night. But the energy in Cali is great and so are the people. I would defiantly like to give it another visit again, cause I do think the place deserve a bit more exploring. There’s defiantly a lot of culture to me find in Cali.  

Initially, I’m planing on  spend 3-6 months here in Colombia, for my second time around. But at the same time my plans could changed being a nomad its something that happens quite a bit. To be honest, I do enjoy living here in Colombia. But at the same time I do thing there’s some lack of activities to do and the social life well its OK. But don’t get me wrong Colombia is well worth the destination that everyone should make it a stop on there list. There’s something for everyone in all the cities here, it just depends on what you’re
looking for and maybe also on how good your Spanish is. The people are very cool and welcoming, so it’s quite a nice, affordable country to live in for a little while .

Well that’s it for now in the mean time to stay updated with me on my travels Follow me on IG- Vacayislife

Taking A Break From Asia | Time To Move Again

After five months of being back in Asia and habitually traveling around this majestic continent, there comes the point where you start getting tired of Asia and just need a break from it all. This is not to say that I am cutting loose any ties that I may have with the place. Quite the contrary, It will forever be one of my favorite continents to live in and tour for many years to come, with Thailand topping that list even though I might have my reservations and mixed feelings of love and hate for the country. I know the term hate might have come out strongly but it is what it is. Even with all its flaws, the positives outweigh the negatives any day. It is such a fantastic country that has so much to offer the outside world, from the Friendly People to the Great Cost of Living, The diverse Food cuisine That Cost Little To Nothing, Culture and such an excellent and relaxed way of life. Its just one of those countries in SouthEast Asia that’s so hard not to come back to, hungry for more.   If you have never been here, I would highly recommend anyone who plans to travel or live abroad, to visit Thailand or any country around Asia. You just can’t go wrong with this continent.

Places to visit in Thailand   

Bangkok must be your first destination assuming that you did fly to Bangkok as it is the central hub in Southeast Asia and also most international flights will arrive here. There are plenty of places to visit in this mammoth of a city and not knowing where to start is a common challenge for most foreigners. Having an itinerary can go a long way in ensuring that you have a smooth transition into this outlandish world and ensure that you don’t stay in one place for far too long if your visit is short and time constrained.
Therefore we would recommend that for culture, visit the Grand Palace. You will be awed by the intricate temples and the much respected Buddhas who are very popular here. You could also visit the area around Siam Station to do your shopping and find things that you’ve never imagined before and will find nowhere else.
Other much sought-after destinations around Bangkok are the famous and elegant beaches at Maya Bay and the Erawan Seven Layer Waterfall.   

You can also create fond memories and experiences with friends and families from climbing rocks over the oceans and play fun games with the elephants. These are much-revered games here amongst both the locals and foreigners.

Taking a break from it all is like giving yourself a detox, which is what the body always needs from time to time to heal and regenerate. When will I be back in Asia again? Well, that I don’t know. When it comes to my travels and living abroad, I never really make any plans especially for the amount of time I plan to spend in a place or when I plan to go back to a place. What I usually do is first to look up for a few different destination, do a bit of research about the places that interest me the most. Then, I will lock up the site that has the most reasonable price ticket, buy a one-way ticket and just go, the rest, I will figure out when I get there; I have yet to commit to a long-term lease for every place that I’ve traveled to and lived. 

Time is very significant considering that It’s something we can never honestly afford to buy, not now or in the future. Therefore bending time and making it flexible to my needs has its rewarding advantages in life. At times you do get tired of moving around so much and with such an eventuality, I would like to commit to a 3-6 month lease or longer somewhere around the world. Also, you end up paying more money on your accommodation since you are not on a long-term contract, though, at the same time it has its benefit. Like that old saying goes (only time will tell) the Nomadic lifestyle is just as unpredictable as you never really know what is gonna be your next move. A life that is just not normal, pretty impresive huh!  

You damn right, I want more of this lifestyle, I probably wouldn’t trade it for anything. Where to next !! of course you would love to know. Well, I decided to head back to South America. Why South America? A continent that comes with such a high price tag, even though it is still about 50-60% cheaper than the US and can be a bit heavier on the wallet when compared to Asia. But South America has so much fragrance to offer and just like Asia; you just can’t let it go untouched and not spend more time in it. It is a whole different experience from the Asian world; South America brings a distinct flavor from the unique culture, taste of food and the great feeling of a beautiful woman lol. How can we forget about the pretty ladies for all my single guy’s out there? The great weather is terrific too, party beaches and lots more fun is in store for everyone and anyone. Besides all the fun stuff and fantastic weather, South America offers a lot of great history and incredible artwork. Also something of a bummer, I’m from the Caribbean’s I miss those Caribbean spice and the sweet flavor which is yet another excellent thing South America offers.  

But the most important and soul-satisfying thing about being in South America is that it is closer to where my heart is, Family! I Grew up in South Florida and a flight back home to spend some time with family is much easier and faster. I’ll share more about South America and Asia on a future post soon. First stop, Latin America baby!! I need to brush back up on My Spanish.


Hola Miami.